The Mission & The Name

Every day, across the United States, teachers are taken advantage of financially. People are using deceptive practices to work with you, the people that educate our children. They are not only going after your hard earned money they are robbing you of your trust and confidence in your overall financial well-being. This has to stop!


While we would love more regulation, it does not guarantee an overall change. As you know EDUCATION has the potential to do great things. That is how this passion project started, to teach teachers all about their money.


Heavy stuff, right?


That is why we decided to lighten it up a bit and touch on other fun topics, trends, lifestyle, career issues and more. 



Why One Million Apples?

There are between 4-5 million teachers in the K-12 and higher education system across the United States. 
Our mission is to impact the lives of at least ONE million.


You would not be the first to think that is crazy, we are a little overwhelmed with that number as well. That is why we are asking for your help to accomplish this mission. If you hear, read or watch something helpful on this site, please tell your friends. Also, let us know that you're here; we'd love to measure our progress along the way.

Breanna Reish
the voice on the podcast
the creator of 
One Million Apples
A Little About Me

My name is Breanna Reish, I'm a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and I own a fee-only financial planning firm in Riverside, CA. My firm does not sell any commission products (life insurance, annuities, etc.), you know all of the stuff that is pitched over pizza and cookies on campus. I know it may concern you that a financial planner started this website because many do weird stuff to get your business. Just know this, I could have put this information on my firm website but instead decided to keep this separate from my business. Saying that I am a financial planner may not make you love this website right away but I believe in transparency, therefore, I must share it. At least now you know you are receiving money tips from someone that does this all day long, so that's a plus. 


When I opened my firm I received calls from educators looking for a person to give them third-party advice about their options. The fee-only structure works that way since we do not and can not receive commissions, vacations or kickbacks for the recommendations that we make. They were tired of the sales pitches and the lack of good comprehensive financial education. This led me to dig my heels into all things regarding money for teachers.



Meeting after meeting I'd see the stacks of products sold, the deceptive practices used, and the hours upon hours of clean up this causes in the retirement years. It made me sick and MAD! To be honest I think I was even madder than the people coming into my office. 


As a momma to little ones, I realized that I can not run all over the U.S. and demand a change, plus I don't have the deep pockets that these HUGE companies do to lobby or market. During one of my many, "I am frustrated with the financial system for teachers" rants on Twitter, some of my colleagues mentioned that grassroots education is vital. So now we are here, well at least I hope you are here and that I did not completely lose you at the financial planner part.


Thank you for going on this journey with me, I really hope that you enjoy and take away something meaningful from the information that we put together for you. 

"The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling."

- Fabienne Erickson
Favorite Quote

It Takes a Village

This project would not be possible without some amazing people. We want to thank the following people for all of the support along the way:


Lindsay Harris - Operations Manager, Wealth of Confidence: Daily support and subjection to the crazy ideas and neverending passion

Ryan Inman - Host of Financial Residency: What hasn't this guy done? We will need 20 pages to list it all.

Desiree Leos & Sami - The unicorns of podcast development, editing, organization, and pinterest.

Taylor Schulte - Host of Stay Wealthy: Accountability

Justin Harvey - Host of Anesthesia Success: Fincon chats about money & media, technical guidance & releasing his podcast first which made us want to get this done even more.

Justin Castelli - Host of All About Your Benjamins: Technical Information & overall content creation inspiration

The Financial Planners that work with teachers on Twitter: For keeping the fire alive & for educating others about the issues teachers face

The 403bwise crew: A great resource for information

Jo Britton-Reish - My mother-in-law and retired educator: Support and information

Family: Of Course!!!

Contact Us

At One Million Apples, we work hard to deliver valuable information on this website, but here’s the catch.... We don’t know anything about you and what your financial needs are. Please consult your attorney, CPA, or reach out to a fee-only financial planner, like Breanna,  before taking any action or making decisions affecting your hard-earned money.

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